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About Aether Mobile

 By using an Aether Mobile SIM to make and receive calls and SMS when you’re abroad, you can make huge savings on calls and text messages with our low costs – you could save yourself up to 90%.

Aether Mobile operates its own mobile network, bringing you genuine low call costs and excellent call quality, worldwide!

Aether Mobile is a licensed MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), providing a superior global roaming mobile service for the travelling person in mind. By using the Aether Mobile global roaming SIM when abroad, leisure and business travellers alike can use their mobile/cell to make and receive calls and text messages, with peace of mind that it won’t cost them the earth.

Our network covers 206 countries and over 1000 international networks, giving us the backing to provide a service which is able to reduce call rates by up to 90% worldwide. With a strong technical team behind us, we are continuously developing our platform and available services.

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